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Model 8000IS Series (for Intrinsically Safe Areas) Factory Mutual approved for all hazardous area classes, divisions, and groups. Battery or line powered and built with Doran dedication to quality, you just can’t find a more flexible or reliable FM Approved weighing system. It’s NTEP Approved, too!

Standard Features
Offered in battery or direct AC power versions.
The rechargeable battery pack provides 100 hours of use under continuous operation – much longer when used in the “timer” mode.
Spare battery highly recommended. Battery pack is external and easy to remove to a safe area for recharge.
The enclosure is NEMA 4X Stainless Steel.
Displays in lb, kg, oz, or lb & oz.
Factory Mutual approved, all Divisions, Classes & Groups.
All electronic bright red LED display.
USDA approved & NTEP certified.
2 Year Warranty