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Houston Scale Co, has the necessary test weights to test and calibrate all scales. Our weights are tested yearly by the State of Texas – Weights and Measures Division, and are Traceable back to N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

At Houston Scale Co, we carry 1000 lbs of test weights on the Standard pick-up vehicles. We provide copies of the Certificates issued by the State of Texas, to our customers when requested.

Houston Scale Co, is ISO9001 compliant. We test and calibrate scales, supply the necessary paperwork required by your quality system, and provide traceable certification. We are looking forward to acquiring ISO 9001 Registration in the near future..

Please browse our web site for more detailed information about our sales and service opportunities. If you do not see exactly what you have in mind, we are able and anxious to work with whichever vendor you select. We look forward to earning your trust and becoming your partner.

-24 Hour Emergency On-Call Service-
-Our service technicians comply with all state registration requirements.-
-Scales and Weighing systems are tested to NIST Handbook 44 Standards-
-All Test weights used for calibration are NIST certified w/traceable standards-