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Model FLB design is developed specifically to sustain highly accurate weighing performance in the most abusive industrial use environments. Obvious in the construction, the scale frame and platform components are extremely heavy duty and rugged.

The real uniqueness of the FLB is under the platform, within the scale frame. The flexure lever system has no moving parts. It has no traditional lever system components to wear out. Yet, it still has the advantage of providing higher weighing performance than 4-load cell designs.

Most of all, the flexure lever system design can withstand shock loads and abusive use that will simply “mush-out” most 4-load cell scale platforms. In short, the very best 4-load cell platforms are light to moderate duty designs. The Model FLB is designed towards moderate to heavy duty.

FEATURES Standard 1 part in 5,000 graduation accuracy
Uses high strength steel flexure plates for fulcrum and load pivoting points which will not wear out due to high usage.
Flexure side checks maintain alignment at all times and prevent platform oscillation
Heavy duty welded steel tube construction which provides years of trouble-free service.
Designed to be loaded from any angle, above floor or in pit installations.
Unique design load cell mount that eliminates load cell damage due to shock loading.
Includes single environmentally protected electronic strain gauge load cell.